How To Host A Blood Drive

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Blood donation is a worthy cause that can save the lives of people young and old. Blood drives are an excellent way to encourage people to donate blood, and your organization can host a mobile blood drive. Here are four things you should do when planning to host a blood drive:

1. Contact your local blood bank.

Blood banks are organizations that have the trained staff and legal clearance required to collect and store blood. If you'd like to organize a blood drive, your first step is contacting a blood bank in your area. A blood bank will be able to provide you with guidance when it comes to organizing your event. Once you select a date for your blood drive, a blood bank will also provide trained staff members and the medical equipment required to extract, store, and transport the blood safely.

2. Advertise your blood drive.

Once your blood drive has been scheduled, you will need to find people who are willing to donate their blood. You should advertise your upcoming blood drive as much as possible. You can print flyers and post them around the neighborhood, advertise online, and even take out an ad in local newspapers. Try to extend your reach as far as possible. The more donors you are able to find, the more blood will be collected for medical needs. Some organizations further incentivize donors to come to the blood drive by planning other events, such as a free concert or potluck.

3. Collect volunteers.

Blood drives require lots of labor to function smoothly and effectively. You can ensure that your blood drive is well-staffed by soliciting volunteers from your organization and the community. Staff members from your local blood bank will handle the actual extraction and storage of human blood, but there are plenty of other jobs that need to be accomplished at a blood drive. Find volunteers who can organize the line for blood donation, shepherd recent donors to the recovery room, and assist with setup and clean-up.

4. Set up your venue.

Finally, you will need to get your venue ready for the blood drive. Mobile blood drives can be set up almost anywhere with adequate space, but there are a few requirements that must be observed. The room you choose for blood donation should be clean and quiet. Preferably, it should also afford some privacy for people who are undergoing the donation process. You will also need to select a room for recovery. After people donate blood, they may feel weak or dizzy until their bodies recover. You will need to set up a place where donors can sit and enjoy a snack while they recover their strength.