4 Types Of Charities That Feed People In Need

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Hunger is a serious problem that can affect a person's quality of life and overall well-being. People who suffer from hunger are those that struggle to meet their daily caloric and nutritional needs due to poverty. Some nonprofit groups aim to eliminate hunger by providing direct aid to people within their communities. These are four types of charities that feed people in need:

1. Childhood Meal Programs

Kids can be especially susceptible to hunger because they cannot earn an income or advocate for themselves. Kids who don't have proper nutrition may not be able to succeed in school, which can put them behind their peers. Inadequate childhood nutrition can also have a negative impact on kids' development and growth. Childhood meal programs strive to meet the daily food needs of vulnerable children. These programs may distribute meals through schools, churches, after-school programs, and other places where children regularly gather.

2. Food Pantries

Food pantries strive to meet the needs of hungry people within communities. Instead of offering monetary support, food pantries provide food items directly to individuals and families in need. Some food pantries operate like stores where people can pick up the items they need, free of charge. Other food pantries may offer pre-made bags or boxes of food to recipients. Some food pantries focus exclusively on distributing non-perishable food items, but fresh produce, dairy, and other perishable items may be available through other charities.

3. Reclaimed Food Nonprofits

Food waste occurs on a regular basis as grocery stores and restaurants must throw away unused items. These discarded items can increase the burden on local landfills in addition to representing a large amount of food waste. Some nonprofits strive to reduce food waste by reclaiming usable food items from local bakeries, grocery stores, and restaurants. The items collected are those that have not yet passed their expiration dates and are still safe for human consumption. Reclaimed food can be distributed to people in need to combat hunger.

4. Soup Kitchens

Soup kitchens are another way that charities can feed people in need. Unlike other types of charity that distribute ingredients to families and individuals, soup kitchens serve prepared meals. The ability to obtain a hot, free meal can lift people's spirits and stave off hunger. The food prepared by soup kitchens is often made and distributed by volunteers who donate their time to provide hunger relief within their neighborhoods.