Why You Should Donate To Build Schools In Uganda

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Setting some of your money aside for charity is always a good thing, and donating to build schools in Uganda can be especially beneficial for children who are in need. With your support, Ugandan children will have a better chance of succeeding academically and finding work that benefits society.

Greater Access to Education

Not all children in Uganda have the ability to receive a proper education. The lack of schools in some of the country's regions where populations are sparse or social turmoil is rife has contributed to high unemployment rates. The money that you donate to build schools in Uganda will help develop more learning institutions in impoverished and rural areas so that children will have easier access to education.

Helping to End Poverty

Uganda is among the ten poorest countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and among the five poorest countries in the world. Many Ugandans are classified as living in extreme poverty. More schools in Uganda can help lower the country's high poverty rates by giving young people the knowledge that is needed to develop better infrastructure in the nation. Education can open doors to careers in the medical, technology, and urban planning fields and allow people to receive the required training to provide essential services and help put an end to the nation's poverty. 

Stop Human Rights Abuses

Human rights abuses are especially problematic in Uganda, and many children who are forced into child labor endure these abuses the most. A lack of education can make young people more susceptible to these human rights abuses. By building more schools, more children will be able to attend classes to receive their education instead of being forced to work in low-paying jobs where conditions may be especially appalling. Children who go to school will be less likely to have to take low-paying jobs as child laborers or domestic servants or in other industries where human rights abuses are known to occur at higher rates. 

A Tax Deduction for You

You can even help yourself financially when you donate to build schools in Uganda. Your charitable contribution will likely qualify you for a tax deduction, which can save you money on your taxes. Donating money to build schools in Uganda may help you plan your spending better and will allow you to donate more to a cause that you care about instead of giving so much money to the government.

Your money can go a long way when you choose to donate to build schools in Uganda. You'll be making life better for Ugandan children by increasing their knowledge and career prospects and helping ensure a brighter tomorrow.

Contact a local humanitarian service to learn more about how to donate to build schools in Uganda.