Here's What To Expect When Being Screened For Testicular Cancer

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You can visit your doctor for a screening if you have worries about developing testicular cancer. Your doctor can help ease your fears, and if cancer is found, they'll start working immediately to treat you so you can recover and go on to lead a healthy, happy life. Here is what you can expect when visiting your doctor for a testicular screening appointment:

Signs and Symptoms

One of the first things your doctor will likely do when you meet with them to be screened for testicular cancer is to ask you about the signs and symptoms you have been experiencing. Some of the signs and symptoms your doctor will be looking for include:

Back pain that can't be explained any another way could also be a sign of testicular cancer. But, just because you have one or more of these symptoms, that doesn't necessarily mean that you have cancer. Your doctor will simply use your signs and symptoms as a basic guide to keep in mind throughout your screening to assess your overall situation.

Physical Screening

After having a conversation with your doctor about your signs and symptoms and other health issues that you might be dealing with, your doctor will do a quick physical check-up to determine whether they can actually feel a problem developing. They'll check your scrotum, your groin area, and your lower back during the screening, but the entire process shouldn't take longer than just a couple of minutes.

Additional Testing

If your signs and symptoms aren't anything to worry about and your doctor doesn't notice anything out of the ordinary during the physical check-up, they will likely tell you to go home and stop worrying about cancer. But if there is a concern that something is wrong, your doctor will want to order additional tests such an ultrasound, blood sampling, or urinalysis. It can take a few days to get the results back, but your doctor will keep communication open and make sure you know what's going on as soon as they find out.

If you do end up getting a testicular cancer diagnosis, you'll have peace of mind in knowing that you have caught it and so you can start treating it right away.