Tips For Talking To Your Son About Prostate Cancer

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Prostate cancer is an important topic if you have a son because he needs to be aware of his risks when it comes to getting the cancer. However, due to the nature of the prostate, it is likely not your favorite discussion. Prostate cancer might also not be getting as much attention as it deserves, which means that your son is likely not as familiar with it as he is with breast cancer or other types of cancer. Here are some tips for talking to your son about prostate cancer.

1. Make It Clear That All Men Might Develop It

The first thing that you want to do is convey that just because your son's father hasn't developed it, it doesn't mean that your son won't develop it. Don't be scary about it, but be sure that your son knows that he has the potential to develop it. This will help ensure that your child knows the importance of checking for prostate cancer regularly.

2. Talk About the Survival Rate for Early Detection

In order to further hit home that your son needs to be concerned about prostate cancer, talk about the low survival rates for men who do not detect the cancer while it is still in its early phases. Then, talk about how the survival rate is much, much higher for men who do catch the cancer early. This will further encourage your son to actually get checked for prostate cancer on a regular basis.

3. Lead By Example

If you are male, consider leading by example and taking your son with you to a prostate cancer screening. Show him that you just need to get some blood drawn in order for them to detect the cancer, rather than go through a full rectal exam or some other unpleasant process that your son might be worried about. Be sure to show your son the test results after you get them back and show him how to read them. This will allow you to ensure that your son sees a good example and will therefore be more likely to be screened regularly. Exposing your son to this routine early will help make sure that it is ingrained in him.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in raising awareness about prostate cancer, like Custom Pins Inc. They might have materials that are age-appropriate for your son. If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, they also likely have tips for telling your son about that.